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Temporary Anchorage Device (TADs)




What are Braces with TADS

Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADS are the most recent advancement in Orthodontics. TADS were approved to be used in Orthodontics since 2005. These are used to replace extra-oral brace devices; which are visible outside your mouth, like a headgear.

Since their introduction, TADS have high success rates - 70-100%. They can work on groups of teeth and can anchor well to your gums to speed up the alignment process.

Small, spring-like or elastic wires are attached to your gums that are connected to the braces frame and then some force is applied to it. They pull or push teeth subject to your need and alignment requirement.

The process of placement of TADS is nearly painless. A small dose of anesthesia is applied to your gums. The gums are the only part in your mouth that has sensation; thus, if they are numb, the insertion of TADs will be completely painless. The whole process takes a minute and you will wake up exclaiming, "I felt nothing at all!”. To add to this, the removal is easier than implanting it.

Our orthodontist may prescribe you TADS if you have an overbite, have to undergo tooth removal for alignment or have a group of misaligned teeth. In the end, you will walk out with a flawless smile you can be proud of.


The best advantage of TADS is that they are easy to insert and remove. Closing big gaps like a tooth extraction or gummy smile can be treated using TADS. You will feel no pain at all in the whole process and will be relieved owing to the increased speed of the process.

Do you know you can close big teeth extraction spaces using TADs which otherwise would need a dental implant. Schedule your free orthodontic consultation to find out more about this safe and affordable option.

Your doctor can work on teeth located in different areas of your mouth independently. Thus, if you have only a small set of misaligned teeth then the apparatus is fixed only around them; thus, giving you more comfort.

An icing on the cake is that this ease comes at an affordable cost. These are made of stainless-steel, titanium or elastic bands; all inexpensive materials.

You will find them comfortable as they are quite stable. These can be used by patients belonging to all age groups including children who have recently acquired a set of permanent teeth.

Cost of TADS in Melbourne.

The cost of tad could range between $400-$650 per implant excluding the orthodontic braces cost.

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