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 Affordable teeth spacing treatment in Melbourne

Spacing problems

Teeth spacing (also called diastemata) is a condition in which the anterior (front) teeth are separated by large gaps. Similarly to crowding, teeth spacing may be due to discordance between tooth and jaw size.   

Associated issues

Patients with dental spacing problems also often suffer from associated issues, including:

  • difficulty biting
  • speech difficulties, most commonly a lisp
  • increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • concern or embarrassment about their appearance



Spacing issues have varied causes, including:

  • inheritance – other family members may also have dental spacing problems
  • improper eruption of teeth– for example, the teeth may be impacted (wedged behind other teeth), leaving a gap
  • early or late loss of primary teeth
  • loss of adult teeth – through decay or sporting accidents, for example
  • gum tissue attachments called "frenae"
  • excessive overlap of the front teeth
  • unusually narrow teeth


Treatment options

The problem of spacing is generally resolved by limited orthodontic treatment or implant, or by porcelain laminate veneers. A porcelain laminate veneer is a custom-made tooth-like shell that is cemented to a tooth to give the tooth a different size, color or shape.

How Smile Avenue can help you

Free consultation

At Smile Avenue, the first consultation is free for every new patient. This gives you the opportunity to talk with our doctors about your problem and to ask any questions you may have. Our doctors are experienced in many different types of treatment and will outline a suggested treatment plan for you.  


Experience and research in orthodontics

We use evidence-based methods, to ensure that we get the best outcome for you and your smile. This sets us apart from other orthodontic practices and means that we base all of our work on sound research and years of experience, not fads or experiments.

Our treating orthodontists have written numerous research publications in the field of complex orthodontics, which have been published in leading journals. Please click here to browse through our extensive body of research work.

Interest-free payment plan

We offer affordable, no deposit and interest free, low deposit flexible payment plans to all patients. We also offer group discounts for families with more than one patient requiring treatment. 

Gap-free 3D scan

Our practice has the most recent digital scanner technology, which allows us to show you the results before treatment commences. We take a digital scan of your teeth and show you how your teeth will look at stages throughout your treatment and at the conclusion of your treatment. Patients find it comforting to see their treatment results before even starting the treatment.


Will I need surgery for my dental spacing?

Issues of dental spacing are generally treated with braces such as Invisalign (clear, removable braces)  braces (traditional brackets and wires), which are then followed by porcelain laminate veneers. Surgery is only required for dental spacing issues in very few cases.

Will I need an implant for my dental spacing problem?

Most spacing problems are treated with braces, but in some cases, your orthodontist will recommend an implant. This will be discussed with you as part of the overall treatment plan.

How long does the treatment take for dental spacing issues?

Treatment time depends on the type of treatment that may suit your clinical case and severity of the problem. Treatment times may be as short as 6-12 months if it is only a mild spacing problem. 

How much pain is involved in resolving dental spacing problems?

With the introduction of new treatments, there is very little pain involved. Most patients describe their orthodontic work as causing ‘discomfort’ rather than ‘pain’.

What are the treatment costs?

For information regarding braces costs, please click here.

Affordable Orthodontic braces in OAKLEIGH


Braces Cost

Free consultation 


Free 30 minute comprehensive orthodontic assessment

Treatment options

Financial information

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Metal braces 


Initial deposit of $1000

No deposit payment plans also available

Interest-free monthly repayment plan

No gap X-rays with any dental insurance.

No-gap 3d teeth scan valued at $395 

Post-treatment retainer included valued at $1000

Upfront payment discount and family discount

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Kids removable plates


Includes all ongoing appointment fee

No-gap X-rays with any dental insurance.

No Gap 3d teeth scan valued at $395.

early interceptive treatment

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Initial Deposit of $500-$2500

No deposit payment plans also available

No-gap X-rays with any dental insurance

No-gap 3d itero teeth scan see results before you start.

Post-treatment retainer included valued at $1000.

 Upfront payment discount and family discount 

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