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Invisalign Cost

invisaligh cost melbourne

What is the cost of Invisalign Treatment Melbourne  Smile Avenue Specialist Orthodontists?

At Smile Avenue Specialist Orthodontists, we try to offer a complete Invisalign treatment package which could range from $2000-$7500, depending upon case difficulty and duration of treatment. The cost includes all ongoing appointments, refinements (finishing during Invisalign treatment), pre-orthodontic photographic records, impressions, Ceph analysis, and emergency appointments. The first set of post-treatment retainers (clear and fixed), valued at $1000, are also included in your treatment cost. Typical payment plans include a deposit payment, then between $200-$350 per month for 18 months course. These are completely interest-free payment plans. Free (without insurance) or No Gap(with private insurance) itero 3d teeth scan included with your treatment cost. See you live 3d teeth movement through the different stages of your treatment plan before starting your treatment. 

Free invisalign orthodontist consultation 

Free 30 minute comprehensive orthodontic assessment

Treatment options risks & benefits

Invisalign comparison with other systems

No-Gap Xrays with any private dental cover.

Free 3d itero teeth scan valued at $395.

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Invisalign i7-complex cases


Initial deposit of $500-$2500

No deposit payment plans also available

No gap orthodontic x-rays with any dental insurance

Free 3d itero teeth scan valued at $395 included

Ceph analysis, pictures valued at $180 (included)

Interest-free monthly repayments plan (included)

Post-treatment retainer valued at $1000 (included)

Treatment by Senior Specialist Orthodontists

2.5% upfront payment discount & Family discount

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Evidence-based Invisalign Assessment at Most Affordable Prices in Melbourne by Specialist Orthodontists

The success of Invisalign treatment is dependent on the right case selection. While the current research suggests Invisalign is fully capable of handling mild to moderately difficult cases, some recent researchers suggest that patients with severe malocclusion, such as extraction cases, may also be successfully treated with Invisalign. At smile avenue, we take an unbiased, evidence-based approach for Invisalign case selection. We compare all treatment options with Invisalign, such as metal braces, ceramic braces and lingual braces based on treatment risks, limitations, benefits and treatment time. The outcome of the analysis is shared with the patient and a treatment course is decided with mutual understanding.

Our specialist orthodontists have written numerous research publications, case reports, clinical trials in the field of orthodontics in some of the most prestigious orthodontic journals such as the American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, Australian orthodontic journal, European journal of orthodontics etc. Please follow the link to review our research portfolio. We have also published a clinical trial in the USA worlds first comparing oral hygiene level of patients using clear aligners vs fixed braces. Our research-based  Orthodontists can treat from easy to most difficult Invisalign cases.

Invisalign Treatment Success Factors:


  1.  Case severity: Selecting the right case based on currently available research on Invisalign. 
  2.  Patient selection: As Invisalign is a removable system, it requires a high level of compliance in regard to prescribed wear time. Noncompliance can result in delaying the treatment time and also may result in relapse. This means that Invisalign aligners only works if the patient wears them for the required length of time.
  3. Precise treatment planning – Multiple customized treatment plans and options can be created using Invisalign’s virtual set up, Clincheck, prior to commencing treatment, for better patient understanding. Aligners are fabricated based on final treatment planning. This is the most important step for a successful Invisalign treatment. Sound understanding of orthodontic biomechanics and experience will improve the treatment planning, predictability of tooth movement and the final outcome. Treatment plans and hence outcomes can vary between treating clinicians, dependent on basic orthodontic knowledge and experience. The three important factors which Smile Avenue Specialist Orthodontists focuses on include, but are not restricted to:
    • Restoring facial harmony (aesthetics)
    • Restoring function/occlusion (bite)
    • Preventing early relapse by spending time on final finishing and long-term retention

Things to consider before choosing an Invisalign Provider

1. Choose an Orthodontist who provides all orthodontic options: A good clinician understands the fundamentals of biomechanics and tooth movement. Whether these are standard appliances such as traditional braces, self-ligating braces or Computer-aided systems like Invisalign or lingual braces (behind the teeth braces); a good clinician is able to work with all kinds of systems. This allows the selection of the best treatment appliance based on individual case assessment.

2. Falling for the cheapest Invisalign treatment provider: Undergoing orthodontic treatment is a major decision for most patients from a social, personal and financial perspective. Whether it’s a few hundred dollars more, you should always choose a provider you feel confident in, to provide you with the best orthodontic treatment. Cheap care is always a compromised care. Cheapest options are generally provided by general dentists, you can take free consults with general dentists and specialist orthodontists to compare their treatment plans. Most likely one will be able to experience a significant difference in treatment planning and outcomes. A competent orthodontist focuses on Aesthetics, ideal occlusion (bite), long term retention, reducing iatrogenic problems caused by orthodontic treatment and compares Invisalign with other orthodontic systems to see what will give ideal results to a patient's specific needs. A general dentist tends to focus more on just teeth correction and often just provide patients with only one clear aligner treatment option.

3. Confirm you are getting Invisalign and not another similar product: Invisalign at present potentially the only clear aligner system which is well researched and clinically documented. Invisalign has been used to treat over six million orthodontic cases and is accepted by most orthodontists worldwide. Some clinicians may offer different, cheaper, clear aligner systems; however, these may be less efficient and may not be commonly accepted by most orthodontic groups in Australia. If a wider orthodontic community (orthodontists) are not using these systems, then it’s a clear indication that these systems may not be clinically at par. 

4. Avoid loan sharking Invisalign payment plans: If your payment plan is through a third party payment provider, most likely there are hidden interests. These, in most cases, are already calculated in your treatment costs. Some third-party no deposit payment plans provide interest-free payments only over a few months, followed by interest rates charged at 9%-21% after this initial period. It’s better to save some money towards your treatment rather than opting for high-interest loans. At Smile Avenue we offer 100% interest-free payment plans without the involvement of any third-party payment provider. If a clinician pushes you to pay everything upfront that means you may have no control over your treatment outcome as you have already paid for your treatment. opting for a deposit with an interest-free payment plan option is highly recommended.


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